Since opening its doors early in 1992, PROSAR has welcomed associations and not-for-profit clients. Organizations like associations and non-profits usually have more stakeholders and considerations than a typical business. There is an additional layer, or two, in planning and messaging for campaigns. The nuance of the message is always an important consideration.

Whether it’s launching programs, developing new websites or strategic consulting, we understand the dynamic of associations and enjoy working with the wonderful people we meet at the table. 

Really Good Reasons to Work With PROSAR

COGNIZANT: We understand the association and non-profit dynamic

CONSISTENT: We’ve been assisting associations for 30 years

COMPREHENSIVE: We provide strategic guidance, branding expertise and professional web development

CARING: We truly care about helping you serve your community

COST: We discount our fees for non-profits

COFFEE: We serve really good coffee

Now that you can clearly see the difference, seize the opportunity and contact us. We’ll help you achieve your goals.

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We’ll follow-up within two business days and see how we can help with your success.

We relish the strategic challenge of additional stakeholders and considerations, and the added gratification of helping to make a difference.

PROSAR has been helping associations meet their goals for 30 years; we bring both experience and fresh eyes to your boardroom table.