Creating Better Results with Custom Reports

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You’ve no doubt heard axioms such as “measure what matters” and “how can you improve it if you don’t measure it.” These are true, we instinctively know this. But how do you measure what matters, and can you get it in a convenient, easy-to-understand format? Custom reports is the answer.

SharpSpring has done all the heavy lifting to make it easy to measure important criteria, automatically put them in user-friendly reports, even schedule them to automatically configure and email to key team members. This article provides an overview of SharpSpring’s customizable reporting function.


Building Better Reports


Though SharpSpring provides different types of sales and CRM reports, you may want to generate reports that show information from many different sources. You can create a customized report that shows only the information that you want. These reports are designed to give you all the information you need to measure your current sales performance — and to forecast performance for the future.

gif showing how to drag and drop widgets for SharpSpring report builder.Widgets are the main component of the Custom Report feature. These widgets provide an at-a-glance view of different types of data. You can configure your reports to show data with any combination of these different widgets. Statistic widgets are small, all other widget types are large. A row of widgets in the report canvas can fit a maximum of six small widgets or two large widgets.


By default, widgets will display data with as much information as possible. This might be beneficial for reports that look at the larger picture, but your reports will most likely need to focus only on a certain amount of information. You can use report filters to display only the data that you want.


You can export a report as a PDF file, and export data from individual widgets .csv files. Customized reports can also be shared through Cloud Dashboards, which are preset displays that are broadcasted to external monitors or televisions. Shared reports can be accessed via URLs that are unique for each individual report.

Once a customized report has been configured and saved, it can be scheduled to be sent via email. Scheduled reports will be sent to email recipients as a .PDF attachment.

Gif showing how to schedule a custom report to email to team.


Segmented by category below, there are many criteria and objectives that you can track and measure with SharpSpring’s customizable reports.

Campaign Widgets

Open Opportunities, Opportunities Created, Sales Lost, Total Leads Qualified, Activity by Campaign, Activity by Channel, Campaigns with Open Opportunities, Clicks by Campaign, Clicks by Channel, Contacts by Primary Campaign, Conversion Funnel, Top 10 Campaigns with Won Opportunities, Top 10 Campaigns by Revenue


Chatbot Widgets

Total Chats with Anonymous Leads, Total Chats with Contacts, Total Contacts Created, Total Conversions, Total Form Fills Influenced by Bot, Total Revenue Influenced by Bot, Bot Action Breakdown, Contacts Created Per Bot, Opportunities Created from New Leads Generated by Bot, Total Chats Per Page, Total Chats Per Page with Known Leads, Total Chats Over Time Per Bot


Contact Widgets

Contacts Added by Lead Status, Contacts by Lead Status, Contacts Added


Email Widgets

Average Email Clicks per Day, Average Email Conversion Rate, Sales Influenced by Email, Revenue by Email, Top 10 Emails by Conversion Rate, Unique Email Opens


Form Widgets

Average Form Submissions per Day, Sales Influenced by Form, Total Form Submissions, Revenue by Form, Unique Contacts Submitted a Form


Media Centre Widgets

Average Media Views per Day, Unique Media Views by Media, Total Media Views, Influenced by Media, Revenue by Media, Top 10 Media by Views, Unique Media Views


Opportunity Widgets

Total Revenue, Total Sales, Expected Value by Close Date and Deal Stage, Expected Value by Deal Stage, Revenue by Close Date and Owner, Revenue by Owner


Task Widgets

Completed Late Tasks by User, Completed On-Time Tasks by User, Completed On-Time Tasks by User, Total Completed Tasks by User, Total Completed Tasks by User, Tasks Completed, Tasks Due, Open Tasks, Overdue Tasks, Task Activity Report, Task Completion Rate by User, Task Completion Rate, Tasks Completed Late or Rescheduled, Tasks Completed on Time, Total Open Tasks by User, Total Open Tasks by User


Article written by Jake Crown at SharpSpring.

PROSAR Inbound Inc. is a SharpSpring Partner.


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