12 Marketing Automation Must-Haves

Marketing automation gives you the power to drive more leads, convert leads to sales, and prove your marketing ROI. It enables personalized, one-to-one marketing.


marketing automation flow concept

Here are a dozen must-have features (and their functions) in a well-equipped marketing automation platform:

1.  Email Marketing & Automations

  • Trigger-based emails with personalized content for your leads

2. Sales Notifications

  • Email or text sales team when leads indicate they are ready to buy

3. Gmail/Email Syncing

  • Email sent and received from IMAP clients show up right in leads’ histories

4. Campaign Tracking

  • View end-to-end conversion cost and revenue to see ROI of your marketing efforts

5. Dynamic Landing Pages and Forms

  • Drive traffic to targeted pages and transform them into leads with forms that auto-complete

6. Behaviour Tracking

  • Understand your leads to create one-on-one communication

7. Media Center

  • Manage, send, and track click-throughs for all of your marketing and sales materials

8. Dynamic Lists/Segmentation

  • Lists that automatically update as contacts meet the list’s criteria

9. Visitor ID

  • Triple your leads by identifying anonymous traffic

10. A/B Testing

  • Test emails head-to-head to see exactly what works best

11. Lead Scoring

  • Prioritize your pipeline and reach out to sales-ready leads

12. Blogging with RSS/Email Integration

  • Attract search engines with valuable content, manage and publish posts with ease


These  marketing automation must-halves are meant to save time and the necessity to manually pull all the many marketing levers of online marketing. The time saved can be better spent in higher level/value efforts such as planning and management.